The eyes have it

Generally speaking, a project more exciting than this rarely comes across my desk. The client,, simply said: here are the specs for the wheelbase of our new ground drone, now go and make whatever you want. Oh, and it has to be fire, bullet and bomb-resistant. And stealthy as well. But other than that, go wild.

My big question was: “But what will you call it?”

To which came the reply: “The Azrael MkIII”. Now that I would be persuaded by. So I designed something I would want to buy myself. Sadly, only three models will be made for civilian use, so get yours now while the going is good!

I like vents. Vents are good. And look cool.John C render 20eI wanted to put a remote-operated gatling on this. Client said no. Oh well. I didn’t quite get to design everything I wanted, in the end.Azrael MkIII