Herein lies my portfolio, with lashings of splendiferous CGI created by moi truly.

I frequently get asked the same question: “How much of this is CG, and how much of this real?” The answer? It’s all 100% CG. There are no photos on this page.

Scroll down to the bottom to see some animation videos. They consist mainly of experiments.

This is a nice example of some of my 3D print design work. Click on the arrow to view in 3D. You can make the 3D view go full screen – try it out. It looks really cool.

Buzzards cloak clasp
by Dani Epstein
on Sketchfab

WiFi kettle design

Exploded view of actual kettle


Colour variants of WiFi kettle

Wine aerator

Levitating wine aerator – for the man who has an overworked imagination.

Glass Oron Hakodesh – Holy Ark

Glass Oron Hakodesh – Holy Ark

Glass Oron Hakodesh – Holy Ark

Glass Oron Hakodesh – Holy Ark


A nice bathroom, based on Villeroy and Boch. This was modelled to show off flooring rather than the bathroom itself.

Azrael MkIII

The ground drone you really want for your birthday.

Azrael MKIII

A logo I designed aeons ago in a galaxy far, far – well i suppose all galaxies are far, far away.

Cutting Edge Kylie logo

Cutting Edge Kylie logo

Tyler Treadway - diamonds and white gold ring

The Tyler Treadway engagement ring


Woodcraftbookcase4v10_00002 Woodcraftbookcase4v10_00003 Woodcraftbookcase4v10_00004


bookcase render 06

wine shop dark wood

bookshelf preview side perspective bookshelf preview front perspective bookshelf delivered

Furniture design – in this case a bookshelf.

avenger II Breilting straptransocean chronograph blue face front viewchronomat 41 steel case black face white dials hour markers

Some Breitling watches, just in case you were wondering.


This image below created a while back for a special-needs unit who wanted to raise donations to aid them moving to new shiny premises, which you can see in the model.

special needs unit

This video is a splash screen for an aviation app.

I like the Dyson design language, and came up with a cool idea for an ad. It needs the smoke added, a flare effect, and endless hours to fiddle around with everything to getting it just right.

Below is a smoke test using wind-blown particles to generate the smoke.

A molecular animation.