AWS for WiFi lighting

What with COVID-19 basically shuttering my business for the moment, my excuses for Not Getting On With Stuff were wearing a little thing. So, I schlepped out the ATX PSU I had secured a while back during a wild spree of sale-ing and employed my super-secret-sauce to rig it up to the LED strips that adorn my dining-room arch – AWS. Which stands for Advanced Wiring System.

This wiring system/method has taken me decades to develop, and I’m sure the results speak for themselves. Yup, that’s prime-quality no-name-brand gaffer tape there, me hearties.

Also, a couple of small PCBs I rustled up in the light of a full blood moon, some of which contains the firmware I wrote (in an ESP32 – absolutely love that chip) in order to make the nefarious devices cycle the colours of the LEDs and interface with my WiFi so I can fiddle with this from the comfort of anywhere except for the dining room, should I desire to do so.

Since I did not have a mounting cage for the ATX PSU, I designed and 3D printed one, likewise for the case holding the PCBs which is also 3D printed.

Custom ATX PSU bracket for wall mounting.
3D printed project box I designed for this sort of thing.
The ensemble with your actual Gaffer tape.