The new black for gold

GC render 14

Bling has evolved little over the millenia. It’s still lumps of gold or silver with optional chips of polished rocks. For absolutely ages, each piece of jewellery was a unique hand-made, one-off piece that was cherished by its owner and handed down to the next generation to be lost, pawned, broken or have it stolen.

Then the industrial revolution led to the mass-production of ugly baubles, and here we are today with the likes of Argos filled with gaudy baubles that lure the tasteless masses, built to last – oh at least a couple of years or so. I do not blame the aforementioned company, since they are merely selling what they know their customers will buy.

Today, though, a new revolution has been born, that combines mass-production with personalization – and that is the power of 3D printing.

It allows a designer to free their shackles of mediocrity and allow their design juices to flow freely and make things of wondrous beauty. Well, up to a point, anyway, becuase 3D printing is still quite pricey.

More importantly, it allows non-designers, ordinary people from all walks of life, to have work with a designer to create the piece they have in their minds but cannotdesign themselves.

One such client of mine, Christian Genco, was so thrilled about the whole process, he wrote a long post that makes for some quite interesting reading for the neophyte.

If you are after something unique, then why not contact me? Who know where this will take you.