DIY design – artisan pizzeria


Artisan pizza store design

One of the most empowering facets of CG and the one-man-studio like me is that it allows clients to explore areas they would have never considered before.

A client recently approached me do help out with designing his wood-fired artisan pizzeria. It’s early days yet, and saving money is crucial for him. So we hashed out some ideas, and I lurched back into my cave to see what would appear.

Since I was able to show him exactly what I was thinking of, this allowed him to make some rapid decisions and save a huge amount of money over what he had originally budgeted.

The result which you see above took me all of one day to do. You can just imagine what an interior designer would charge for such a job, how long it would take to deliver and how much it would cost to have a place like this outfitted professionally.

Instead the client is simply waving around my renders to a carpenter, builder and a builder’s merchant and watching his vision coalesce into perfectly baked slices of Italian heaven. All by himself.

Epson Perfection 1650

This is a little by-the-by, an aide-memoir.

After upgrading some hardware and hacking around my Ubuntu 14.04 installation, my Epson Perfection Scanner refused to do anything but whine. Literally.

Some frustrating hour later – frustrating because I have gone through this process on a previous occasion and forgotten to record the results of my cyber perambulations – I finally discovered the magic that would calm the whining little thing down and get it to do useful things, like scanning.

It is is simply this: open /etc/sand.d/dll.conf and place a # in front of the word epson2 and remove the # from in front of the word epson.

You should have something that reads like this: