Alright lads, how about some swords then?

Amongst the variegated duties that befall me, making gifts for the ankle biters whom I adore and love so dearly is one that is particularly relevant when Pesach rolls around and Afikoman ideas are few and far between. This year I decided to make the youngest of my clan, both of them being decidedly male, a personalised sword each. Since they are at the stage where swords of any description are just fine, thank you very much, I did not spend too much time on the finishing.

The swords were printed in 12 parts each and assembled using aluminium dowels and epoxy glue. After some minor sanding (the boys are not all that fussy so here quantity is king, not quality) I applied a few base coats of white acrylic, then oversprayed metallic silver acrylic. The gold metallic highlights were airbrushed in afterwards, as were the handle colours. The last thing applied was a few coats of varnish.

Their reaction? Their collective jaws dropped, then they immediately started fighting with them. Fortunately after warning them that the paint is easily damaged they ceased all violence forthwith.

Sword wireframe

AWS for WiFi lighting

What with COVID-19 basically shuttering my business for the moment, my excuses for Not Getting On With Stuff were wearing a little thing. So, I schlepped out the ATX PSU I had secured a while back during a wild spree of sale-ing and employed my super-secret-sauce to rig it up to the LED strips that adorn my dining-room arch – AWS. Which stands for Advanced Wiring System.

This wiring system/method has taken me decades to develop, and I’m sure the results speak for themselves. Yup, that’s prime-quality no-name-brand gaffer tape there, me hearties.

Also, a couple of small PCBs I rustled up in the light of a full blood moon, some of which contains the firmware I wrote (in an ESP32 – absolutely love that chip) in order to make the nefarious devices cycle the colours of the LEDs and interface with my WiFi so I can fiddle with this from the comfort of anywhere except for the dining room, should I desire to do so.

Since I did not have a mounting cage for the ATX PSU, I designed and 3D printed one, likewise for the case holding the PCBs which is also 3D printed.

Custom ATX PSU bracket for wall mounting.
3D printed project box I designed for this sort of thing.
The ensemble with your actual Gaffer tape.